Inès Maricle is a healing arts practitioner specializing in vibrations and energy.  Working with trans-dimensional guidance and shamanic lineage, she uses her voice as a healing instrument.  Toning, ancient sounds and light language are specifically delivered to each client to assist in healing.  She offers deep transformation through her devotional work. Inès resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In 2007 Inès went to Iquitos, Peru on an art retreat and to pay homage to a dear friend who had drowned there many years before. This journey was a life changing experience. She returned to Seattle, renewed her meditation practice and received a clear divine message to help others. She returned in 2010 to work with the same shaman she had met and worked with in ’07.   Ines’ Venezuelian ancestry came through the messages she received while in Peru. These messages spoke to her voice, to her singing, to her powerful self-expression. Finally, one day she heard clearly, “Through your patience teaching children, you are ready to celebrate the tremendous force of love, working with the heart of the child within adults.”  Ines’ path was confirmed while attending the Sound Healers Training with Tom Kenyon in 2011, and with courses at the “Psychic Awakenings” school.

In March of 2015 spent two months in the Peruvian jungle working with Percy,  assisting him with ceremonies, learning icaros (medicine songs), and working with plant medicine.  The time she spent there gave her deeper insights into her mission of healing, and how to steward people to step into a new consciousness.

Ines also performs as a dancer, a singer, and has been a teacher her whole life.  Born and raised in Paris, she came to the US in 1993 and earned a BFA with honors in Dance and Choreography from the New World School for the Arts.  She has performed, choreographed, and taught in Paris, Florida, the San Juan Islands and Seattle.  Ines has been teaching movement at numerous schools in the Puget Sound region since 1999, including the Creative Dance Center, American Dance Institute, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle School District, and many others.

She has been a guest sound bath artist at the Seattle Sound Temple, and is a member of the sound healing trio Luminosas, who perform in Seattle and offer voice activation workshops and psychic healing.

Ines is elated to share her work which transcends old belief systems and brings freedom into one’s heart. She invites your heart to reveal its greatness to celebrate the learning, the living, the loving of Creation.

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