Before seeing you, Ines, I was having severe anxiety, extreme tiredness, and lack of self will.  I was afraid I couldn’t pursue my passions in the medical field as everything I was seeing made me sick and faint, which was unusual for me.  I decided before showing up I was going to show up raw and follow your every instruction, allowing my walls to come down.  During our session I felt that icky spirit stuck to me, I told you and we worked through it together.  I felt as if I was spinning in circles as fast as possible but really I was stationary.  When I expressed this I was comforted and happy to know you had a bucket if I need to purge, as I felt like I was going to need to and wasn’t sure why.  The next day I felt very exhausted and drained.  I took about seven naps and still felt nauseated, I also had a headache… I did my homework projects you gave me and went to bed that night.  I woke up the next morning feeling 1,000 times better than I had in a long time.  I continued to feel better as the days passed, and more stable.  My anxiety has been much better and I’ve been able the last few weeks to face everything at my job without getting sick or faint.  Magical Miracles do exist.  Thank you for restoring me to myself.
Laura E.


Since Ines’ healing session for me, there has been a very positive flow of healing energy from those aspects of my being which suffered greatly in the past (which Inès channeled).  I feel as if subtle parts of me are fully in process of returning.  This affirms my feeling about Ines’ gifts, very powerful and accurate.
Adam Gainsburg, Soulsign Astrologer


Thanks again for the session. I feel the toning/soul song work you are doing is really powerful and the images you share are really relevant to my life. I would like to continue to see if I can become more coherent on a cellular level and have more clarity on an intuitive and psychic level. Your work really resonates with me.
Dr Dean Chier


I first encountered the concept of sound healing on a trip to Egypt with a troupe of adventurous dancers and musicians called “Sacred Sound.”  The vibratory and movement experiences we created in the temples of the Nile made a firm believer of me in the restorative properties of sound.  Ines Maricle provides a much more intensely personal service than the old gods of Egypt, and her intuitive insight into the deep, formative experiences of my life has brought me clear visions of the path I have taken, and where it can lead… Her beautiful voice creates a safe and loving environment for the transformational work we do together; dispelling confusion, bringing illumination and peace.
Mark Dalton


I am writing to let you know that I was SOO helped by our session together.  Thank you so much.  I am so so great-full. Your gifted message to me and your healing session helped me to be brave and trust myself. That is pretty amazing I’d say since I don’t trust easily. You helped me begin to achieve my dream. I hope we will always be in touch.
Julie Eriks 


Ines gently led me on a journey back to my heart, to a sweet place that now shines brighter and more authentically through than ever before. I recommend seeing Ines, opening your heart and experiencing the beauty she can sing into your life.  Meeting with her was an unforgettable experience, and it ended up being the catalyst towards a more whole and integrated way of being. Thank you, Ines!


It was so wonderful to meet you. I loved the whole process and I feel really good. I am so grateful that we went through the grounding meditation. It is something I have heard of, and I truly don’t think I could have done it without you. Your insight was spot on, and inside I feel like some of those negative thought patterns I’ve been carrying around have been resolved.


For those who don’t know Ines, I’d like to describe my experience with this amazing intuitive healer. She’s done some extraordinary “vibrational healing” sessions with me that I’m certain will be helpful to many others. Through non-verbal reading techniques, she identifies the original source wound that may manifest later as actual physical ailments. Sort of an Edgar Cayce type of experience for those who may grasp the significance of that correlation. Once those issues are known, it can effectually help free up the healing process. Like for me, the “knots in my lungs” were tied in with events from when I was still just a young boy that the healer couldn’t have known anything about.

I’ve also found that others confirm my experience with her intuiting obscure events known to almost no one else that left us wondering,”how could she have known that?”

It felt right to me. Then, during the 2nd session I felt something else. I’ll attempt to convey an experience that doesn’t easily fit into verbal expression.

As Ines sang, chanted and rustled about me, I felt swept by a soothing relief of my anxieties and a growing sense of joy. Then gradually I sensed a visceral blossoming,… a curious sensation quite unlike any I’ve ever known. The unique sensation felt like petals of a flower opening up near the base of my spine. Ines opened up Chakra’s I didn’t even know I had, best described as rolling waves of pleasure radiating from a center pulsating just above the perineum upwards into my chest for several minutes. Hmmm, what did I just describe,…? Sounds sort of like a, um,… well, I said it was curious didn’t I? And again, it was unlike any sensate experience I’ve ever known. I subsequently did some research to learn what I felt may have been opening the 1st or Root chakra which the charts indicate has to do with “survival in the body.” Over the last 18 months, survival in the body has commanded my whole life energy as some who know me are aware.

It’s speculation on my part, but I’ve heard before that our physical world is made separate from other dimensions by being on a different vibrational level. And as Ines does call her methodology “vibration healing”, a correlation is suggested to me.

So, I’m left in wonder. It’s my testimony though, Ines is the real thing.  
– Jimilee Carey

“Inès showed and brought a past shadow of mine into the light for me, to transform into creative, emergent energy.  She began the transformation for me through beautiful, ancient song and sound healing for which I deeply long. Additionally, she gave me very practical tools for transforming the energy even further through my own practice. I’m deeply blessed and grateful.”
-Heather Engman, Song From the Trees

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This is a clip that I took of my friend Ines while doing energy work in Peru. She channels the most amazing entity that she is hoping to identify with the aide of a linguist friend of hers. Thank you so much for the permission to both record and share this incredible entity that has chosen to work with you. All my love Ines.
-Joan Belford