The Practice


Ines is part of a mission to dissolve what inhibits us from our dreams, celebrating with you the highest vision for the individual and the collective spirit of our planet.

Her work is a divinely inspired path that she calls Vibrational Healing.

Regardless of religion and belief, she offers a transformational session of deep healing. Each session is designed to help the individual get in touch with their higher destiny. Her clients are often helped to mend their pasts, open their hearts, and recover the potential they might have forgotten.

Ines works with intuitive readings and her voice to re-align vibrational and emotional energies. She uses toning to remove blockages and clear chakras. Her gift is to identify an original wound, address the resistance and offer guidance in a sacred and safe space. Although her clients may share their experience Ines honors strict confidentiality of any information that is shown to her directly.

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